If you ever hear that your company is too small for a marketing strategy or to expand into international markets; then the person you are speaking to is a few decades out of date…

With regards to marketing, we at Core Business feel it necessary to debunk two myths that entrepreneurs have believed in for far too long:

1)  marketing = communication. No, no and no!!! Communication is just one aspect (however important) of marketing, but is far from being the only one: today the principle of the “leaky bucket” has been abandoned and the right approach is oriented towards the creation of a solid, valued brand and the construction of long term relationships based on company reputation and customer fidelity.

2)  marketing = huge budgets. No again!!! Internet and the web 2.0 revolution allow us to realize marketing strategies and communication activities without having a six figure budget available: through careful use of Social Media and of Italian and foreign blogs it is possible to define positioning, create brand awareness and contact clients and prospects.

With this in mind, Core Business will help you to draw up a marketing strategy in line with your needs, taking into account of the kind of product/service offered, of the market and, of course, of the resources available. From market research to brand building operations, from online communication to the use of minimedia, from the measurement of customer satisfaction to relations with distribution channels our consultancy will produce concrete results which can be measured and quantified (increase in web traffic, increase in redemption rate, better customer fidelity, growth in revenues and so on).

Even if your competitors are international big players on the scene, we can help you to become a giant killer: identification of niches in the market which have not yet been filled, use of guerilla and viral marketing techniques, and flexible organizational structures are just some of the tools you can use as a sling to bring down Goliath, gain competitive breathing space and increase profits.