Business Plan and Strategic Analysis

Today, a competitive context in rapid evolution and in development on a global scale requires in depth understanding of the complexity of the various factors a business needs to take into account. In other words, never more than today was it necessary to ensure the availability of tools for planning and strategic analysis before entering the market with a whole new business of with an new investment. This is needed to ensure that the company has all necessary knowledge and awareness of its own potential and of the risks and the opportunities coming from the external environment.

In many cases it is no longer sufficient to rely solely on entrepreneurial intuition and on instinct: these gifts, although certainly indispensible for an investment project, risk leading us to not develop an idea to its full potential due to a lack of adequate planning. To make better use of your business idea, in depth investigation of the evolutionary trends of the market, the competitive positioning of your company and of its competitors, new technological innovations, cultural changes and latent needs and desires that can be more or less explicitly manifest in society are essential.

The drawing up of a business plan does not mean that a business is limiting its future to a series of preconceived and inflexible instructions: the creation of an appropriate business plan allows the company to use it as a  “map of the future” and as a series of guidelines in order to better direct actions to compete more efficiently and guarantee investment success.

Through the elaboration of a business plan, Core Business will carry out a reality check of your idea, evaluating how to propose it to the market, providing an objective estimate of costs and analyzing the more technical and operational aspects. The feasibility study and the strategic analysis are tools with the ability to breathe life into your entrepreneurial dream, adapting your vision and business concept to an operational reality and to the markets at which the value proposition is aimed… transforming them thus into a winning business model