Corporate Finance and Funding

Corporate Finance

In the last few years, alongside the traditional issues surrounding the management of the operational side of a company, a series of problems of a more financial nature have come to the fore and assumed a crucial role in the life of a business. Among these are the sourcing of finances, the correct quantification of financial necessities, relations with the banking system (also in light of Basilea 2) and more.

Despite this, systems of financial planning and of credit management are still not terribly well known among small and medium enterprises. Often these companies navigate “by sight” and therefore find themselves at the mercy of the credit system which leads to an increase in cost of financing which can sometimes completely cancel out the result obtained from the company’s core business.

Consequently, it is necessary to carefully manage not only operations and revenues but also financial aspects, planning and managing in the best possible manner the firm’s liquidity. It is the balance between economics and finance which is at the basis of the success of the entire business model. Our consultancy will provide you with:

• Financial budgets and cash flow forecasting

• Financial analysis by index

• Treasury management

• Short-term financial management

Thanks to these tools it will be possible to reach the optimum state of temporal homogeneity between resources and expenses, guaranteeing the correct financial equilibrium of the firm and thus limiting the risk of financial gaps developing, reducing cost of capital and improving credit ratings in the medium to long term.

Our company is also able to help you in the completion of extraordinary transactions such as financial restructuring, recovery plans, business valuations, brand and intangible asset valuations, mergers, acquisitions etc.


Core Business will provide support to your company also in the search for the best forms of funding for your company, looking to the banks and to favourable financing made available by regional and national legislation as well as by European calls and requests for proposals. We will look after the preparation of the necessary documentation, the drawing up of the business plan, the elaboration of the investment project, and where necessary the sourcing of partners in other member states of the European Community.