The phenomenon of globalisation now affects all businesses, both large and small. In order to rise to the new competitive challenges that this brings, they must adopt an ever more proactive approach and ensure awareness of the problems internationalisation brings with it. It is no longer conceivable to remain inert before the changes taking place in the marketplace and the threats from overseas competitors: it is necessary for companies to become involved in the progressive and inevitable process of internationalization to avoid being left behind. Neither is it possible to merely defend oneself from competitive attacks from overseas – a business must counterattack to ensure that it remains master of its own destiny and a dynamic and proactive player able to take control of the changes required.

Core Business will supply you with the right weapons to fight the battles you will face in a global competitive context, studying with you the optimum strategy for international development and the most opportune ways of following said strategy. This may simply mean exportation, but it may also include direct investments, commercial partnerships and Joint Ventures. Core Business will be at your side in all context, guaranteeing global support of your expansion onto overseas markets.

Directly or via national and international partners, we can offer a wide range of services:

• Elaboration of your general strategic plan for internationalisation, the provision of information on nations of interest and market research to identify the areas where the development of your project has most potential,

• Drawing up and implementation of a marketing and communication plan which takes into account the culture and the critical points of the target nations,

• Establishment of distribution and sales networks,

• Management of contracts and customs transations,

• Consultancy on taxes and exchange rates including risk management operations aimed at reducing risks connected to the oscillation of interest and exchange rates and to volatility in raw material pricing etc,

• The search for partners and for bank financing as well as for any incentives offered by institutions based in Italy, Europe or other countries where investment is planned.


Thanks to our support globalization on the new challenges inherent in it will no longer instill fear but will be considered as great opportunities to help make your business grow.